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How’s Your Water? with the vast majority of beverage equipment failures being down to poor quality water supplies, it’s down to you and not the water company to provide the best you can.

By letting Espressocare match a suitable water treatment system to supply your espresso machines water supply, you can count on several things happening, firstly you can say good-bye to expensive breakdowns caused by hardness (scale) secondly you can say hello to better tasting coffee..

The sad fact is that water hardness is now almost everywhere and the results to your espresso machine can be dramatic, scale slowly builds up on the inside of the machines internal boiler and heat exchangers. First sign of build up occurring is a reduction in coffee temperature from the group head, the next thing to happen is that the group head blocks with scale, at this point the machine will require an expensive descale. Water treatment systems will extend the life of your machine and cost from only 1 coffee a week! now ask yourself is it worth the risk?

Even in a soft water area, chlorine taste and odour present in the water supply will effect the taste of the beverage being made. We would strongly recommend the fitting of a carbon based filtration system.


Espresso Machine Fitted With CTU

This side of the cut pipe is from a 2 year old espresso machine that we installed a CTU (Calcium Treatment Unit) on the system when the machine was newly installed. As can be seen there is no build up of scale, meaning the machine and coffee temperatures were optimal during this 2 year period.


Cross Section
Group Head Pipe

Espresso Machine With No CTU

This is a cross section of a similar pipe from a 2 year old machine that we serviced. This machine had been installed without any filtration system fitted and as you can see the build up of scale is significant. Results were 9o temp drop in the coffee, causing customer complaints, increased breakdowns and an 11% increase in energy cost.

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