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Are you breaking the law? did you realise that your espresso machine regardless of it’s operating pressure is covered by legislation that states as an employer you have a duty to provide a safe workplace and safe equipment? A HSE guideline for your reference can be downloaded from this link Pressure Systems Safety And You

Espressocare are able to offer a full solution in order for you meet and maintain current legal requirements that cover your espresso machine. We will create all the necessary paperwork for you health and safety file and also maintain a yearly log of test results and work carried out on your machine.

We also supply 3rd party support for insurance companies that require a qualified engineer to assist they own agent when inspecting they customers espresso equipment.

Boiler Inspection includes the following

  • New certified Boiler Safety Valve.
  • Internal inspection of boiler integrity.
  • Boiler components checked and replaced where advisable.
  • Front end service with new group head gaskets and shower plates.
  • Steam valves checked and replaced where required.
  • Group head temperature tested.
  • Cup levels calibrated
  • Grinder settings adjusted for the best quality coffee.
  • Relevant paperwork.

Photo of a 3 group espresso machine after the boiler electronics failed causing the machine to overheat, normally not a problem but on this occurrence the safety valve failed to operate at the set safe pressure. The  resulting explosion caused several injuries to staff and customers after the machine flew 20 feet across the cafe with the force of the explosion, luckily there was no fatalities. This photo shows what can and does happen, a boiler inspection would have eliminated the chance of this accident happening.


Photo courtesy of Paul Watts

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